About Me

Hi! My name is Fátima, I am an intuitive tarot reader and energy worker who's passion and purpose is to create and connect with the elements to share healing with intention.

I believe that your intention is your power, and I hope to create a space for you to align with your personal power for your highest good! I create tools with the intention of supporting you to harmonize with inner peace and fulfillment as you embark on your spiritual journey!

I started off by being drawn to learning about herbs and their physical/metaphysical healing properties. Overtime, I created my apothecary. I began making spiritual bath blends, fixed intention candles for spiritual connection, tea blends, energy sprays, healing waistbeads, and more as I was developing my personal spiritual practice.

My crystal jewelry grew through experiences guiding me to be intentional with the energies I choose to dress myself with each day. I've found that this form of connection with what you intentionally dress your physical body with helps to ground your energies, stabilize your aura, and overall work towards radiating in a harmonious state.